Valentine Day

Valentine Day – Friday, 14 February

Valentine Day Can you guess it, the entire week before Valentine’s day is dedicated to the celebration of love, finishing to the most important day for the celebration of love, Valentine’s day! Take a look at the following:

February Days List / Extended Valentine Week List

  • 07 February 2020: Rose Day
  • 08 February 2020: Propose Day
  • 09 February 2020: Chocolate Day
  • 10 February 2020: Teddy Day
  • 11 February 2020: Promise Day
  • 12 February 2020: Hug Day
  • 13 February 2020: Kiss Day
  • 14 February 2020: VALENTINE’S DAY
  • 15 February 2020: Slap Day
  • 16 February 2020: Kick Day
  • 17 February 2020: Perfume Day
  • 18 February 2020: Flirting Day
  • 19 February 2020: Confession Day
  • 20 February 2020: Missing Day
  • 21 February 2020: Break Up Day

Rose Day:

To start with, the first day of the week in Rose Day, a day while lovers greet each other with a red rose So mostly, it’s an arrangement for the propose, which is directly next day. So, set the picture by sending that red rose. 7th February is marked for the day.Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February all year. Celebrated between lovers with much zeal and passion, this is the day when people show their deep love and feelings towards their favorite, crush or partners.
The following may be mainly helpful if someone is uncertain: Happy Valentine Day

Rose Day
Rose Day

Propose Day:

It is considered as the day of the propose, as people are easy to propose with a rose or ring, and the designated person may doubt it but is not to have any hard opinions on it, thus making it a bold propose day. Go ahead and open your soul on this day, and propose to him/her. 8th February is marked for the day.Propose Day is celebrated on the 8th of February as a day to propose to your substantial other, large numbers of boys give roses to offer to their prospective girlfriend or boyfriend. It is the second Day of Valentine’s week, that is celebrated from 7th to 14th of February. 

Propose Day
Propose Day

Propose Day Greeting Cards

Chocolate Day:

Chocolates are for love, and how can chocolates not find a specific place in the week of love! Give chocolates to your loved ones to uplift their desire, and to increase the enjoyment. 9th February is marked for the day.It has rejoiced on the 9th of Feb. On the chocolate day, modern lovers give each other heart-shaped chocolates as a representative of love. Chocolate is something that everybody likes. So it doesn’t need to be quite common among youth. Happy Valentine Day

Chocolate Day 9th feb
Chocolate Day 9th Feb

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Teddy Day:

Teddies are the cutest and numerous famous soft toys, loved by every girl. Gift a silky teddy to your girl, which will forever remind her of you. You will find some cutest teddy to gift here. 10th February is marked for the day.Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February each year after Chocolate Day as the fourth great day of Valentine’s week. Usually, couples and youth commemorate this day by gifting a lovely and attractive teddy bear to their beloved. Teddies are the soft items that are gifted to express romantic feelings and sensations. Gift your loved one these cute and stuffed toys on Teddy Day to make them laugh and feel happy.

Teddy Day is the fourth day of Valentine’s week and will be observed on 10th February 2020. You can gift you’ve loved a cute and adorable teddy bear on this special day to express your love and make him/her smile.

Teddy Day 10 feb
Teddy Day 10 Feb

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Promise Day:

11th February is Promise Day. It is a day to perform promises together, often marked by gift-giving with it. Make practical promises that you can keep with a pure heart, and God will be with you to see within. Click here to get a promise day gift beforehand.

Image result for Promise Day"

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Hug Day:

Go on! The day says it all! Give your bear–est hugs to your most loved ones. Shower your hugs, in a way, so that they are identified for some time. And remember, the more extra hugs you give, the better. Shower ’em, baby! 12th February is marked for the day.Image result for Hug Day"

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Kiss Day:

13th February is kiss day, a golden day to kiss and makeup. Learn to kiss her forehead too, for it signifies care and efficiency. And ladies, you can take the plunge and surprise your mate by showering a hot, wet kiss right on his lips! Happy Valentine Day

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Image result for kiss day"Valentine Day:

And finally, it all finishes on Valentine Day on the 14th, when you can get inventive in every way to show that you care, you are responsible, and you love. Click here and make the best of the day, woo your sweetheart, and take advantage of the beautiful gestures of love.

Valentine Day
valentines day


Happy Birthday Valentine 

Valentines Day Week

Rose Day:

Propose Day:

Chocolate Day:

Teddy Day:

Promise Day: Hug Day: Kiss Day:

Valentine Day:

Valentine Day Wishes:-

Hello Lovers!Are you looking out for the exotic and wild wishes to send out to your partner? Are you the one seeking for the romantic Wishes to send on this Valentine’s Day?

As we all remember 14th February is around the edge, and all the beautiful couples & friends out there are delivering for the best of the wishes on this Valentine’s Day with full of passion, energy, eagerness and a lot of love-filled in their heart.

Then compliments your search for the beautiful Valentine’s Day Wishes is almost done. Yes, you have arrived on the website which gives good quality and the massive amount of posts described to Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes.

The quotes provided here will make your heart sing a song “My Heart goes mmmmmmm” and then your heart will take you to “It’s a love story baby just say Yes” And you will undoubtedly share the wishes with your loved one.

“Your love is the greatest medicine for me, which can make me better and fresh all day. Happy Valentine’s Day My Love.”

Valentine Day Wishes for Lover

“My favorite position is your heart, where I want to perform my home. And want to stay collectively with you forever and ever. Happy Valentine’s Day Dear”


Valentines Day Wishes to Others

“The support I find when you cover me in your arms and hold me close is just like a pleasant place for me to stay. Happy Valentine’s Day Baby”

Sweet Valentine's Day Wishes

“The day I saw into your eyes, the very time I grounded in love with you my line. Wish you Happy Valentine’s Day my life.”


Romantic Happy Valentine's Day Wishes

“My life is packed with many and lots of peace & joy. And this is desirable because you are my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”


Happy Valentine’s Day my love

“You are the fort that surrounds my soul. You’re my friend, my partner, and to me, a man with men set apart. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.”


Happy Valentine's Day Wishes for Everyone

“A wink, a modest smile, and a unique look have grown into an absolute love that even I think, belongs in storybooks. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.”

Happy Valentines Day Wishes Messages

“I encourage you to experience untold, strong support to hold, a mind ready to learn, and a love that builds. Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved”

Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved

“To see and watch you sleep during the morning, to walk the days of this life control in hand: this is my heart’s hunger. Wish Happy Valentine’s Day dear.”

Valentines Day Wishes for Friends

“My heart wants to be serious or involved. It thinks every day is Valentine’s Day because of you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Love.”

Valentine's Day Wishes for Girlfriend

“My wish is to tell you, my Love, with lots and much of hopes and love a Very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Images for Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes

Happy Valentines Day Wishes With Love

Happy Valentines Day Best Wishes

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Wishes


Happy Valentines Day Images Wishes


Valentine's Day Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy Valentines Day Wishes With Love

Happy Valentines Day messages and wishes

Thinking of you!

Dreaming of You!

Hugging you!

Missing you!

Wishing you!

I Love You!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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